Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Alchemist: Reflection Questions

I believe that dreams do come at a cost.  Nothing in life is free.  Even if you aren't giving up money to achieve your dream, your body is giving itself up to an emotional transformation.  The simple things in life like love and air are free, but achieving your dreams will come at a cost no matter what.  We make daily sacrifices to better our lives. We may enjoy the places where we live, but we pay taxes and mortgages.  We may enjoy the air we breathe, but we may medical bills too make sure we can live the longest life possible.  Life is an ongoing relationship of giving and receiving.  

Yes, I do believe that the act of life is a spiritual experience by choice.  Only people who are brave enough to challenge themselves to take their journey.  I would argue that a spiritual journey is not for everyone because people get to decide how they live their lives.   I think that the purpose of life is to live everyday to the fullest, and achieve your personal goals and dreams.  

I do believe in fate/ destiny, and I believe that everything happens for a reason.  The fate or destiny that one achieves is a result of personal choices.  Each small decision made in life is part of a greater plan.  In his book, Coelho writes about each individual having their own destiny and journey to take.  Coelho writes in the way of cause and affect.  If Santiago's money had never been stolen, then he would have never met the crystal merchant. Although something bad happened to Santiago, it kicked started good luck that in the end, helped Santiago.  

I believe that Coelho is sexiest in his portrayal of Fatima because she should be given the same opportunities as the other characters in the book.  Paulo writes Fatima as a character who just waits around for her husband.  Fatima should be able to travel and achieve her own dreams, especially since she is extremely supportive of the dreams of others.  

From Coelho's text, the theme of perseverance can be seen.  Coelho supports that if you fall down seven times, you should get up eight.  Never give up on what you think you can achieve.  I believe that all people should be given the chance to conquer what they desire.  It does not matter what religion someone is, this idea fits everybody because it is fair and valid.  I can apply messages like these to my own life when in school or on the sports field.  If you believe in yourself and work hard, you can achieve great things. 

I believe that I do have a personal legend and purpose.  Everyone on this Earth has a purpose, even if it doesn't seem like it.  I think i may be too young to know my personal legend or purpose at this point in my life, but I will one day find out. I don't think that my legend has already been written for me.  I believe that it is what I do in my youth that will later affect my fate and destiny.  

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