Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Romeo and Juliet in Baghdad

Because of the death of their children, Capulet and Montagues have come to the understanding that the feud between their families is nonsense.  They realize that because of the hate the families have for each other they both lose the children they love.  Human nature takes the ones you love as sacrifice to make people learn about the important things in life and how they should be cherished. The production of Romeo and Juliet that includes Sunni and Shias strikes me as being much different from the original play.  The Iraqi version is more political because it mentions the two groups that actually have had a feud throughout history.  This production of Romeo and Juliet has helped to heal Iraq because it makes people realize how ridiculous their arguments are. This production speaks to the timeless quality of the play because it was developed based off of the 400 year old play.  The orginal Romeo and Juliet still holds meaning today, and that is why many movies and renditions of the play have been made off of it.

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