Thursday, January 29, 2015

First Semester Reflection

Throughout the first marking period, I've learned many skills that have helped me develop as a thinker.  One of the most important skills I have learned is how to write a thesis statement.  Going into english at the beginning of the year, I thought that three prong thesis statements were acceptable, but I now know that your paper is more convincing and more supported when your thesis is not in three parts. This skill will help me beyond this class because writing a proper thesis applies to state exams and essays in other classes.  

Now that I have read and seen the play that is often referred to as the "greatest love story ever told", I can voice my opinion and say that I believe Romeo and Juliet truly did love each other.  I think that this play is so popular because of the hidden literary devices that are used, making it the perfect book to use as a teaching aid. The play also draws the attention of many readers because Shakespeare portrays love in a timeless way.  After studying Romeo and Juliet, I understood how to identify and breakdown literary devices. This skill will help me throughout my life as I read literature.  As a critic, I would give this play a positive rating because it was exciting and inspiring.  Once I became used to the Shakespearean language, I thought the play was easy to understand.  If it were up to me, students would continue to read Romeo and Juliet in the future because there are many literary devices that can be learned along the way.  Before reading Romeo and Juliet, I had no idea what a prologue was, but I now know that it is a paragraph that introduces the play. This play is 400 years old and still read today, so why not keep reading for years to come.  The play about Romeo and his dear Juliet draws students into a fascinating story that they can learn from along the way.