Sunday, November 16, 2014

Upstanders Project

For our upstander project, Allison, Amanda and I have chosen to research Kailash Satyarthi as our human rights activist.  Kailash is "an Indian children's rights advocate and an activist against child labour" (wikipedia). He gave up his teaching career to fund a mission to save Indian children in 1980.  He links his efforts against child labor to his belief in education for all. Kailash was motivated to help children because he thinks that slavery is an unexceptable crime.  Back when he was six, he noticed a boy sitting on steps cleaning shoes, and child labor has bothered him ever since.  In an interview he said, "Child trafficking is the worst form of human rights violation. It makes me cry when children are taken away and sold cheaper than cattle". At 60 years old, Kailash has provided safety for thousands of children with his foundation called Save the Childhoood Movement.
Just like Gandhi, Kailash saw something unethical and unfair, and created a movement to change it.  He is standing up for the children that are unable to defend themselves. Kailash can be connected to Atticus in the way they both defend people, even if society thinks its wrong.  As I research information about Kailash, I am excited to learn what connections I have to him in my own life. 

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