Tuesday, November 4, 2014


In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, I believe Harper Lee inserted Boo Radley's voice as the "missing voices in the air."  Throughout the book, Boo is the mysterious man that never leaves the house, but by the end of the novel he exchanges short conversation with Scout.  Harper especially captures Scout's voice when she writes Scout as saying, "Hey Boo".  This was a simple line in the novel that showed the reader how a young girl would look past rumors and lies and see the true greatness of a person.  In this TED, the speaker mentions setting mockingbirds free to help people, and this relates to Tom Robinson and Boo Radley because they were the mockingbirds of the novel.  In terms of the national conversation of the 1960s, these voices acted as "Molotov cocktails" because they bring together different opinions of controversial topics.  The mockingbirds are harmless and all they do is make people happy, although some may disagree.  It is important to uncover the missing voices so that you understand their perspective and views on topics.  This benefits the listener because they get to take a walk in each characters shoes.

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