Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Given that she is simply an eight-year-old girl, Scout's character is so signifigant because she changes the view of how girls should act.  Speakers in the video say, "She speaks first with her fists...a passionate tomboy...her character has done more for southern woman-hood than any other character in literature" (Hey Boo). Scout wears pants instead of dresses, and plays outside, instead of learning how to prepare food.  Harper Lee introduced a new vision of young girls to American Literature.  The New Yorker says, "Harper Lee and Louise Fitzhugh taught their readers that difference, nonconformity, and even subversion should be celebrated in young girls."  Scout's character is so remarkable because she doesn't care about being "normal".  This abnormal view of young girls made many American readers think about why girls have to fit in the image society models for them.  For instance, why is it an insult to be told you run like a girl, or throw like a girl.  Our society views women as being less than men.  Any women has the ability to be as athletic, if not more athletic than a man.  Regardless of gender, we are all humans that have the potential to achieve amazing things, and much of this information was realized after Harper Lee's amazing literature was published.

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