Monday, October 20, 2014

Atticus' Vision of Justice

The results of the Duke University study suggest that the ethnicity of those placed on a courtroom jury affect the outcome of the defendant.  These findings are problematic because black people are being convicted for crimes they did not do. The information shows that when a jury consists of only white people, blacks were convicted guilty 81% of the time whereas whites were only convicted guilty 66% of the time.  The conviction rates were identical when the jury included at least one black person.  I feel as if this information implies that when there are not black people on the jury, a black defendant has a greater chance of being convicted.  The information provided by Duke University show that there is clearly a bias between black and white people 
This information connects to Atticus' speech because he states that white people assume black people are liars, and guilty.  The Duke study shows that when a black person was included in the jury, the jury made decisions based on the information provided in court, not personal beliefs.  When a black person is placed on trial in front of an all white jury, I feel as if a black person is thought of as being less of a person. The thought of a criminal is usually associated with a black man. 

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