Monday, October 20, 2014

Atticus' Vision of Justice

The results of the Duke University study suggest that the ethnicity of those placed on a courtroom jury affect the outcome of the defendant.  These findings are problematic because black people are being convicted for crimes they did not do. The information shows that when a jury consists of only white people, blacks were convicted guilty 81% of the time whereas whites were only convicted guilty 66% of the time.  The conviction rates were identical when the jury included at least one black person.  I feel as if this information implies that when there are not black people on the jury, a black defendant has a greater chance of being convicted.  The information provided by Duke University show that there is clearly a bias between black and white people 
This information connects to Atticus' speech because he states that white people assume black people are liars, and guilty.  The Duke study shows that when a black person was included in the jury, the jury made decisions based on the information provided in court, not personal beliefs.  When a black person is placed on trial in front of an all white jury, I feel as if a black person is thought of as being less of a person. The thought of a criminal is usually associated with a black man. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Given that she is simply an eight-year-old girl, Scout's character is so signifigant because she changes the view of how girls should act.  Speakers in the video say, "She speaks first with her fists...a passionate tomboy...her character has done more for southern woman-hood than any other character in literature" (Hey Boo). Scout wears pants instead of dresses, and plays outside, instead of learning how to prepare food.  Harper Lee introduced a new vision of young girls to American Literature.  The New Yorker says, "Harper Lee and Louise Fitzhugh taught their readers that difference, nonconformity, and even subversion should be celebrated in young girls."  Scout's character is so remarkable because she doesn't care about being "normal".  This abnormal view of young girls made many American readers think about why girls have to fit in the image society models for them.  For instance, why is it an insult to be told you run like a girl, or throw like a girl.  Our society views women as being less than men.  Any women has the ability to be as athletic, if not more athletic than a man.  Regardless of gender, we are all humans that have the potential to achieve amazing things, and much of this information was realized after Harper Lee's amazing literature was published.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

TKAM: Morals

Although society views the word "retarded" as an acceptable term, I believe it is morally wrong to say such an awful term.  Retardation is a serious disease and using the phrase "retard" is an insult to the people affected by this devastating condition. It is a common human behavoir to preach such an insult in daily life.  Most people don’t even think twice before teasingly insulting their friend with this very offensive word. I think we should be cautious about the things we say and what we view as acceptable in society. The words we use can be extremely offensive to those who are diagnosed with this mental sickness. I know I've accidentally said this before, but it is wrong. I feel like the public opinion on this topic will change overtime. There is awareness of how this is such a controversial term.